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At The Hustle TakeOver, we believe in the power of stories to inspire, uplift, and connect.

Our mission is to elevate narratives from all walks of life, creating a platform that transcends boundaries and fosters a global community of hustlers.

Brought to you by four black females from diverse backgrounds, we unite under the common goal of not only sharing our stories but also providing a safe space for others to do the same.

While life is Lifing, we are trying to figure it out.

Join us as we Takeover the Hustle & Bustle Of Life.

Our Story

Founders of The Hustle TakeOver

From Virtual Meetups to a Podcasting Journey

In the hustle and bustle of the tech world, where challenges often echoed through the corridors, four remarkable black females found solace, strength, and a sense of community within the virtual walls of The Hustle Takeover.

Tech, HR, and Shared Experiences: It all began during our collective tenure at a tech company, where our paths converged within the realm of HR. As black females navigating the often demanding tech landscape, we craved a space to share our triumphs, trials, and insights. Recognizing the need for a sanctuary, we initiated weekly virtual meetups, seeking to carve out a safe haven for ourselves amidst the digital chaos.

From Small Gatherings to a Thriving Community: What started as intimate conversations evolved organically. Our virtual haven grew, attracting a community of like-minded female professionals who, much like us, yearned for a space where their voices could resonate. Our circle expanded, and the resonance of shared experiences became the heartbeat of our gatherings.

Navigating Change: In a moment that tested our resilience, two of our founders faced unexpected layoffs. Rather than succumbing to uncertainty, we channeled our collective strength into a profound question: How could we continue to be impactful and contribute to the creation of safe spaces in the professional realm?

The Birth of The Hustle TakeOver: Amidst countless conversations, a powerful idea emerged - a podcast that would transcend boundaries, amplify diverse voices, and continue the legacy of the safe space we had cultivated. The name "The Hustle Takeover" resonated deeply with us, reflecting our shared ethos of side hustles, multiple ventures, and an unyielding commitment to professional development.

From Hustlers to Podcasters: With a collective spirit and a mission to create safe spaces through conversations, The Hustle Takeover was born. Our podcast became a beacon, not just for black females in tech but for every professional navigating the intricate dance of career and passion. Each episode is a testament to our shared journey, a celebration of diversity, and an invitation to join the takeover.

Brought To You By Hustlers Worldwide.

Meet The Hosts of The Hustle TakeOver Podcast

Kierra is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Finance, Utilities, and Tech industries, specializing in management, recruiting, operations, and strategy. With a passion for career development, coaching, and mentorship, she thrives on empowering individuals to achieve success in the dynamic world of the Corporate Hustle. Kierra's strategic mindset and dedication to excellence make her a valuable asset, as she continually shapes successful career trajectories and makes lasting impacts on both individuals and organizations.

Toni is a multifaceted Talent Consultant in healthcare and a Behavior Therapist, navigating an ever-evolving journey with a passion for lifelong learning. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, quality time with family, savoring beautiful views, and exploring new cuisines. With a belief in the power of unique experiences and continuous growth, Toni hopes to build a community through The Hustle TakeOver podcast, connecting with hustlers worldwide as they navigate the complexities of the workplace, entrepreneurship, and life.

Miriam Duen is a driven professional with a passion for innovation and community impact. Committed to sustainability and making a positive difference, she fosters growth and success in others. With experience spanning tech, government, retail, and nonprofit sectors, Miriam brings a diverse perspective to her work, forging impactful relationships and striving for a better future through her various ventures.

Ray'Vion Collins is a driven HR professional with a passion for building successful careers. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit nurtured in her upbringing (Birmingham, AL, and Lynn, MA), she leverages her experience since graduating from The University of Connecticut to empower individuals in the corporate landscape. Beyond her corporate role, Ray'Vion actively pursues ventures to create lasting, generational wealth and break free from limitations.

Hustle TakeOver Podcast

Hustle TakeOver

Our Core Values

  • Transparency:

Beyond the Airwaves, We Champion Transparency: Through open dialogues, behind-the-scenes insights, and candid reflections, we peel back the layers of our podcast journey. Dive into the realities of hustling, the intricacies of content creation, and the lessons we've learned along the way. Join us in a transparent exploration of the highs, lows, and everything in between.

  • Professional Development:

Beyond Episodes, We Champion Professional Growth: Elevate your skills and aspirations with The Hustle Takeover. Engage in conversations with industry leaders, access thought-provoking resources, and embark on a journey of continuous learning. Our platform is more than a podcast; it's a dynamic space where you can cultivate your professional potential, equipping yourself for success in your chosen endeavors.

  • Community:

Beyond Listening, We Champion Community: Step into a global community where voices resonate, stories inspire, and connections flourish. The Hustle Takeover is more than a podcast; it's a virtual gathering place for diverse professionals worldwide. Join our community, engage in conversations, and experience the power of unity as we celebrate each unique journey in the hustle.

  • Grit & Tenacity:

Beyond Words, We Champion Grit & Tenacity: Embrace the raw stories of resilience, the narratives of overcoming, and the spirit of never giving up. The Hustle Takeover is more than a podcast; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of goals. Tune in to stories that fuel your determination, inspire your grit, and reinforce the tenacity needed to conquer the challenges of your own hustle.

Why The Hustle TakeOver?

Rich Experience:Embark on a journey where our founders bring a wealth of experience, navigating diverse industries including tech, HR, and entrepreneurship. This collective expertise forms the foundation for authentic conversations that define The Hustle Takeover.

Commitment to Diversity and Empowerment:At the core, we are committed to diversity. As a collective of black females, we understand the unique challenges in professional spaces, driving us to create an inclusive and empowering environment. The Hustle Takeover is more than a podcast; it's a celebration of diverse voices and an empowerment journey for personal and professional triumphs.

Transparency and Thriving Community:Choose The Hustle Takeover for an authentic experience. We peel back layers, revealing the realities of our journey through transparency. Beyond being a podcast, we offer a thriving community where diverse professionals unite, celebrating each unique journey in the hustle.

Join us for genuine conversations that resonate with the raw truth of the hustle.

What Sets Us Apart:

Authentic Conversations: Join us at The Hustle Takeover for unfiltered, authentic conversations that dive deep into the raw realities of our journeys. We go beyond the surface, peeling back layers to share genuine stories of challenges and triumphs. Experience a podcast that values authenticity as the essence of every narrative.

Diverse Perspectives, Empowering Community: What makes us unique is our diverse foundation. With founders hailing from tech, HR, and entrepreneurship, The Hustle Takeover offers a holistic blend of insights and experiences. Beyond a podcast, we provide a global space where voices resonate, stories inspire, and connections flourish. Choose us for a community that extends beyond the airwaves, empowering you on your professional journey.

Join The Movement

Brought To You By Hustlers Worldwide.

Whether you're an Aspiring entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Podcast Junkie, The Hustle Takeover is your community.

Breaking Career Barriers Through Conversations

Hear From Our Hustlers


The Hustle Takeover has become my go-to source for inspiration and motivation! The genuine conversations and diverse perspectives make it a must-listen for anyone navigating the professional world. It's more than a podcast; it's a community that empowers and uplifts. Love the raw authenticity and the celebration of hustle!


Every episode feels like a shot of motivation! The stories shared on The Hustle Takeover resonate with my own journey. The hosts have a unique way of bringing out the realness in their guests. It's not just about success stories; it's about the hustle, the challenges, and the triumphs. Truly inspiring!”


The Hustle Takeover is a game-changer for entrepreneurs! The interviews with industry leaders are gold, offering practical advice and strategies. The hosts' authenticity creates an engaging atmosphere, making it easy to connect with the stories shared. It's not just about the hustle; it's about the real, raw hustle.


A breath of fresh air in the corporate world! The Hustle Takeover brings a much-needed perspective on navigating challenges in the workplace. The founders' experiences resonate with my own, and the topics are so relevant. It's like having a professional mentorship on demand. Kudos to the team for this amazing podcast!


As a side hustler, The Hustle Takeover is my secret weapon! The tips, insights, and interviews with successful hustlers keep me motivated. The community they've built is so inclusive and supportive. It's like having a group of mentors cheering you on in your pocket. Highly recommend for anyone on their hustle journey!


The Hustle Takeover is a game-changer in the podcast world! It's not just a show; it's a movement that has inspired me to pursue my dreams with unmatched tenacity. The authenticity in each episode is refreshing, and the diverse perspectives showcased make it relatable to everyone. The Hustle Takeover is my go-to source for empowerment and motivation. Join the movement—you won't be disappointed!

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